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Thank you so much for your "Sleep easy at night" hypnosis CD, I'm sleeping like a baby now - Tanya, Idaho

Treatment for Fear of Flying - "Enjoy Flying!"

I have found in my work with clients over the past years, that often people seem to have the irrational fear of flying. I don't mean irrational in the fact that it's a silly thing, but that there really is no need for it. Less commonly know at Aerophobia, the fear of flying is amongst the top ten phobias the people experience.

Correctly performed hypnosis can easily remove and at worst lower these level of fear to a point that they are hardly detectable which is a far cry from how some people are absolutely terrified of this method of travel, despite it being one of the safest ways that is available to travel.

"Enjoy Flying" will allow you to easily feel relaxed whilst flying. In fact, you will be suprised at how calm you actually feel. Clients who have used this CD have been described as unrecognisable to people who are flying with them based on just how calm they are. The suggestions given within the CD are highly positive and beneficial to anyone who has a fear of flying and you will be amazed and wonder why you were so worried before.

Learn to easily let flying be a relaxing experience, allowing yourself to be suprised at how enjoyable and fun this experience can be. You’ll be amazing at how calm you feel!

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