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Thank you so much for your "Sleep easy at night" hypnosis CD, I'm sleeping like a baby now - Tanya, Idaho

Study Motivation Success - hypnosis mp3 download

People often find studying boring and would rather be doing something more exciting. Sometimes exam periods coincide with summer weather which let's face it, makes study motivation even harder to do.

Having helped many clients over the years with sutdy motivation problems I have developed some unique ways of using hypnosis to help people feel motivated to just 'get on with it' by using various methods to make other activities more unjoyable once the necessary amount of studying has been done.

"Study Motivation Sucess" will get you right on track by gently but powerfully allow you to increase your focus and learning capabilities whilst allowing you to feel perfectly content doing that.

After listening to this recording as directed, you will find yourself easily doing all the study you need to, enabling you to pass your exams with much more ease that before.

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