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Overcome Fear of Needles - Hypnosis mp3 download

Over the past decade of working with clients, I have come across many instances of people who have an intense fear of needles. Needless to say, I have developed very unique and practical ways of helping people with this common phobia.

Commonly, the key problem with this phobia is that when people get any medical attention where a needle is required, their whole focus is on the needle itself with naturally intensifies the experience a great deal as opposed to being continously aware of all the many other things going on around them. Focussing is a very natural thing for humans to do and is more often than not a very constructive behaviour, in this instance though, coupled with anxiety, it is not.

"Overcome Fear of Needles" has proven effective with countless clients in my practices and is a gentle re-teaching, and re-learning of the brain on a very deep level of the mechanism that is causing such intense worry about having injections - over time, this fear can be brought completely back under control so that you feel at ease as other people clearly do.

Please use this recording as instructed and enjoy freedom from your fear of needles.

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