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Freedom from Emetophobia - hypnosis mp3 download

Emetophobia is a relatively rare phobia surround the subject of sick/ vomit. It commonly manifests itself as an intense fear of vomiting. This can lead people to feeling very isolated as they feel they cannot go out into public places for fear of sick/ or being sick.

This phobia becomes particularly debilitating when a sufferer is planning to have/ or about to have children (because of the likelyhood of being exposed to vomit) and as a result can severely damage child-mother/ child-father interaction. Furthermore, people suffering from Emetophobia become increasingly anxious when a 'bug' is going around such as the Norovirus in early 2008 because the sufferer is likely to experience vomit and sick in a very personal way. All people suffering from Emetophobia are intensely scared of vomiting and the feelings of fear feel very deep indeed.

Emetophobia can lead to obsessional behaviors such as constant worry about hygiene because of an identification of dirt and germs being associated with being sick, and this can lead for example to the avoidance of public toilets and as a result, people suffering from emetophobia may avoid eating out at restaurants, going to the cinema and other such leisurely activities.

My "Freedom from Emetophobia" recording will help you life your life free from Emetophobia once and for all. Enjoy!

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