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Fear of Public Speaking - hypnosis mp3 download

Fear of public speaking is a very common problem that people have and the severity of symptoms varies from person to person.

I have had personal experience with many clients who have difficulty speaking in public and symptoms vary from mild sweating and sometimes a sense of nausea to people experiencing full on panic attacks and being completely unable to cope with the sense of 'doom' that they are experiencing, triggered by the task of public speaking that is to follow.

This fear, is irrational and is based around a fear of being judged or 'caught out'. It is also an expression of deeper anxieties that the person might feel. These feelings, although irrational, are very real to the person experiencing them and can lead to many negative effects in life. Most jobs at some time require a person to speak in public, whether to a couple of people or to a much larger audience and a sense of innability to do this can really hamper someones career prospects or indeed the ability to socialise in a more general way.

This recording is designed to allow a former socially phobic person a way to experience and enjoy talking in public and experience a significant relief from previous feelings about speaking in public. Most people get a little nervous about speaking in public, that's fine, and this recording will resolve you of all those negative feelings you're been having previously about presenting yourself to an audience.

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