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No more Fear of Heights - hypnosis mp3 download

Over the many years I have practiced hypnotherapy, a very common phobia that I come across is the fear of heights.

Acrophobia is an extreme or irrational fear of heights. Acrophobia can be dangerous, as sufferers can experience a panic attack in a high place and become too agitated to get themselves down safely. Some acrophobics also suffer from urges to throw themselves off high places, despite not being suicidal. A phobia occurs when fear is taken to an extreme, possibly through conditioning or a traumatic experience. The mind then seeks to protect the body from further trauma in the future, and elicits an extreme fear of the situation – in this case, heights. This extreme fear can be counterproductive in normal everyday life, with some sufferers being afraid to go up a flight of stairs or a ladder, to stand on a chair, or anything that the sufferer perceives as being "high".

"No more Fear of Heights" will allow yourself to gently become fear-less when faced with situations involving heights that used to scare you. Using my unique hypnosis methods that I have developed over many years, you too can be free of this phobia once and for all.

Just listen to this recording as directed and enjoy life free from the fear of heights!

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