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Thank you so much for your "Sleep easy at night" hypnosis CD, I'm sleeping like a baby now - Tanya, Idaho

No more Fear of Dogs - hypnosis mp3 download

Over the many years I have practiced hypnotherapy, the fear of dogs is quite a common problem that clients have come to see me with. Quite commonly, clients have tried several methods to remove their fear of dogs including other hypnosis recordings from the internet (of which I was able to review some time ago and were clearly not even produced by people who knew anything about hypnosis).

After working with clients for just over a decade, I have developed unique methodology in helping people with the fear of dogs in the way that my recordings are produced. I do not detail 'how' I do these recordings on the internet as I don't want other people using my methods. Suffice to say, I consider my methods and recordings to be amongst the very best to be found anywhere.

"No more Fear of Dogs" will allow your mind deep understanding at an unconscious level to regain control of how you feel about dogs and gently, without conscious effort, ultimately, to be free of this phobia.

I hope you enjoy this recording and look forward to your life being free once and for all from the fear of dogs.

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