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Thank you so much for your "Sleep easy at night" hypnosis CD, I'm sleeping like a baby now - Tanya, Idaho

Confidence in meeting a partner

Commonly, in my experience as a therapise, people who have trouble in meeting a partner tend to be fairly shy or in the least quite uncertain of themselves and have difficulty in going into social situations where they are likely to meet someone.

Hypnosis, if done correctly, can help people easily become confident in such social situations and remove the common feelings that people are judging them in some way.

"Confidence in meeting a partner" will allow you to easily go into situations that previously made you feel uncomfortable and allow you to appear like you're staning tall and confident. Indeed, you may even get comments from people who know that 'previous' you at how you appear to have changed, as if over night.

I have treated many people for over the years to help them find the confidence and self-esteem to find new partners and am pleased that you've found this recording to help you on your journey to that happy new you.

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